About Us

CrisesMagazine.org is a quarterly magazine published by Alternatives International Federation that provides a voice for popular alternatives to the global military crisis and a space for new solidarities to form. At Crises, we aim to resist the current violent, militaristic, and war-town state of the world through analyzing and contributing to popular movements, ideas, and projects. Specifically, the magazine explores the military and political realities created worldwide by the Bush administration in the post-Bush era.
CrisesMagazine.org gives special attention to the current and developing situations in the Middle East Central and South Asia, as these areas are considered hotspots of imperialist, military rule on which Crises focuses its work. Although Crises is not limited to these areas, as we also focus on other global hubs of military conflict, such as some countries in South America and Africa.
In addition to analyzing the political and military realities of the post-Bush era, CrisesMagazine.org aims to bolster actions actions of resistance by writing about them, analyzing their scope, their potential to create new popular alternatives, and their social and symbolic importance.
Finally, CrisesMagazine.org creates a space for dialogue on the artistic and cultural aspects of popular resistance movements. This space provides a venue for the emergence of a global language of symbolism and resistance.
CrisesMagazine.org is produced by the Alernative Information Center (AIC) for Alternatives International thanks to contributions from Broederlijk Delen and CCFD.


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