David’s thoughts on the Provincial Election

So far it has been interesting to say the least with the civil war going on here in Alberta.  Last time I heard being in the middle of a civil war is not a good thing. Read here about Alberta flood!


In civil wars, people are forgotten while the leaders take shots at each other.  Most people just duck for cover in order not to be a casualty of war.

The Senate Election, I hope, will not be a casualty of this war.  This election is like a highly fought Mayoralty race and you are running for school board.  No one’s paying attention.


But ask yourself this, in the long run, what is more important, who’s the mayor or who is there to watch out for the interests of your children?


The Senate Election is important!  It is about fixing our Government, not just for today, but for the generations to come.


Hard questions need to be asked about the proper role of Government in this country.  Party’s are about staying in power or getting into power not building nations.


I challenge you to be a nation builder and take a good look at all the candidates running in this election.   In my case check out the bakers’ dozen of Senate hopefuls…all 13 of us.


Look beyond party politics and look at what each of us stands for.  I think you will find in some cases the candidates all have the same policies and they are dictated by their party.




I encourage you to look at your local candidates with a critical eye.  It’s not just enough to change the people in power I feel we need to fix the way we are governed so our MLA’s, Senators and MP’s can represent us and not just party leaders.


A leader’s’ greatest strengths come from surrounding themselves with strong people, respecting their points of view,  even if they have opinions different from their own.


I have always found by listening and trying to understand others points- of- view , we can most times find some common ground  we can all stand on.


Character comes from within.  The main issue of this Election I feel  is going to come down to character.  Who do you trust?


I say trust yourself.  Preston Manning once said you need to trust the common sense of the common people.  So just follow your instincts but please get out and vote.   You can make a difference. Learn here